Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Australian Delicacy

Frog, plus....

Cake, equals....

Frog cakes!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Around Adelaide

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. We had computer problems and have been quite busy taking in as much as possible before our trip comes to an end. A couple of weeks back we went on a drive with Keith and Lynne to the Barossa region just outside of Adelaide. This is where most of the wines that we have come to love are from, such as: Jacobs Creek and Wolf Blass. While there, we checked out a mausoleum which was high up on a hill. The walk was intense but the view was worth it.

We loved all of the palm trees.

Keith and Lynne leading the way.

The mausoleum.


We also went to the "Whispering Wall" which is a dam where the curvature of the wall makes it possible to talk to one another on either side and it is quite a distance!


Nicole in all her beauty.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Rottnest Island

On our last day in Perth, we took a ferry to Rottnest Island for a day of cycling and snorkeling around the island.

Our trusty ferry "The Rottnest Express" cruised along the Swan River until it got to Fremantle. We then headed into the Indian Ocean for an hour or so trip to the island.

Oh my God, a rat! Actually, it is a quokka. The island got its name when an explorer arrived and saw loads of these quokkas and assumed they were rats. He then named it Rat Nest Island. Over time the name has changed to a more friendly Rottnest.

Even though they look like rats, Nicole still pet them.

Peacocks run wild on the island.

After walking around for a bit, we rented a couple of bikes and cycled around the island checking out the beautiful scenery and beaches.

Here is Nicole scoping out the water to make sure it is free of sharks!

We didn't find any sharks, but we found this odd looking sea creature.


After finding the perfect spot for some snorkeling, we snorkeled it up.

I jumped right in!

Nicole soon followed.

Can't even mess.

Loving the sea life.

We gave the day two thumbs up!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Swan Valley Wine Tours

While in Perth, we went on a wine tasting tour that included a cruise up the Swan river to the Marget river where we then boarded a bus and toured four different wineries and a brewery. We also sampled varieties of nougat and visited a chocolate factory, it was a very indulgent day!

Cruising the Swan river in style.

Our fancy cheese platter.

Our wheels for the day.


One of our favourite wineries.

Our friends from Scotland, Andy and Shona.

Enjoying our pony pint at the brewery.

A group shot to end the day!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hello guys,

Just got back from Perth safe and sound. We will be posting the pictures over the next few days. Here is the first set. Hope you enjoy!

Sean loves the skyline pictures.

The entrance to the court gardens.

Some Gumnut babies chillin' in the gardens...don't ask!

When the Gumnuts weren't looking, Nicole stole a flower.

A spaceship...actually it's a bell tower, but we thought it was a spaceship from far away!

Nicole's least favorite bird. When we got too close it literally screamed and puffed up. We have a video to prove it but the wind is so loud you can barely hear the bird.

Sean pretending to be a palm tree, except he forgot to wear a green shirt.