Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Last Days in Adelaide

Hello Everyone,

During our last few days in Adelaide we were treated to a weekend of adventures including a day out to Granite Island where we went on a late night penguin tour, and a day spent in Port Adelaide where we went on a dolphin cruise. We would like to send a special shout out to Keith and Lynne for letting us stay with them for the duration of our time in Australia. We had a great time and will miss you both dearly!!!

While we were waiting for the penguin tour to start we waited at the cafe overlooking the bay. All of a sudden we heard splashes and caught this photo of a seal lion.

Here are two of the penguins from the tour. We were not allowed to take flash photography because the penguins eyes are extremely sensitive to bright light. Hence the red flashlight.

We only got a few good pictures of the penguins due to the flash restrictions.

The next day, we went on a Bush Walk through one of Keith and Lynne's favourite trails.

The views were spectacular.

Keith and Lynne in front of a mini Niagara Falls.

The falls.

We were very lucky because usually, there is no water flowing through these falls. But because of all of the rain we had during our trip to Kangaroo Island, there was plenty of water to go around!


We call this a "Disney Bird" because it looks like a bird you would see in Snow White or Cinderella.

The view from Giants Cave.

Nicole scoping out the view. Clearly, it was very bright!

Lookin' good!

One of the many great views.

After our hike, we headed down to Port Adelaide where we enjoyed pancakes and a dolphin cruise!

A tugboat and Sean's head.

They even opened the draw bridge for us!

Finally, some dolphins! A mother and her baby.

A great day!

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